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"sports car on the water."
A short sea excursion & jetboat ride on the waters near Chatan

A short sea excursion & jetboat ride on the waters near Chata


A short sea excursion & jetboat ride on the waters near Chata

How about a short cruise off the coast of Chatan? Our knowledgeable captain will keep you entertained while showing you the sights on a sleek jet boat. Your experience will range from a leisurely drink on deck to thrilling high speed maneuvers across the waves in this "sports car on the water."

30min course

2,000 yen for adults ages 12 and over

1,800 yen yen for children

1 hour course

3,500 yen for adults ages 12 and over

3,200 yen yen for children

※Additional fees per 30 minutes
1,500 yen for adults / 1,400 yen for children

Prices include life jackets & boat transportation and insurance

Activity placeSEA PARK Chatan

Capacity2 - 7 persons

Meeting timeOpen schedule

Participation requirementsEveryone welcome

Individual fishing or snorkeling courses can also be arranged in 1 hour increments. Please ask.


Small children, pregnant women or people with limited mobility may be asked to decline participation if sea conditions warrant it.

※Prices include tax.


Don life jackets » Board the vessel and travel for (10 min.) » Cruise (10 min.)  » Board and return to port (10 min.)

Safety Rules

For everyone's safety in Sea Park Chatan,
please respect the following rules.

  • Park users must follow all lifeguard instructions.
  • For your own safety and the safety of others, please be courteous to fellow park guests by not engaging in unsafe or disruptive behaviors.
  • Upon admission to the park, please comply with all safety rules.

  • セーフティルール01

    Watch out for people or objects in the water when diving.

  • セーフティルール02

    Never swim under any recreational equipment; it is very dangerous.

  • セーフティルール03

    Children under 6 years old will not be admitted. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • セーフティルール04

    Do not dive or slide headfirst. Please depart your landing zone upon entering the water.

  • セーフティルール05

    Outside equipment or objects are prohibited.

  • セーフティルール06

    Do not bring food or drinks into the park.

  • セーフティルール07

    People under the influence of alcohol will not be admitted.

  • セーフティルール08

    Smoking is prohibited.

  • セーフティルール09

    You will not be admitted under the influence of drugs.

  • セーフティルール10

    For safety reasons, pregnant women may not use the park.

  • セーフティルール11

    Jewelry or accessories such as watches, keys or objects with sharp edges are not allowed.

  • セーフティルール12

    Please note that we are not responsible for damaged, lost, stolen or water-damaged personal property in or out of the park.

  • セーフティルール13

    Admittance may be denied, if park staff determines that nails, jewelry, etc. pose a risk of injury. Removal of nails within the park is not allowed.

  • セーフティルール14

    Visible tattoos or tattoo stickers are not allowed in the park. Admission is allowed only if visible tattoos are covered with rash guards.

  • セーフティルール15

    Only those who complete sign-up procedures will be admitted.

  • セーフティルール16

    You must be 120 cm or taller.

  • セーフティルール17

    You must be able to swim.

  • セーフティルール18

    You may be asked to leave by park staff or a lifeguard if your behavior is determined to be risky or offensive to other patrons.

  • セーフティルール19

    You must wear a life jacket.

  • セーフティルール20

    You are advised to protect yourself from sunburn.

  • Please note that we may publish videos, photographs or articles about visitors on our website, SNS and YouTube for commercial purposes.
  • Use the park only if you are in good physical condition.
  • Since this is a paid facility, any person who enters the park without registering or outside of open hours without management permission will be reported to the police.
  • In the event of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, visitors may be asked to leave the park if it is determined that park operations cannot be conducted safely.
  • Please note that we are not responsible any accidents or injuries caused by improper use of park facilities or noncompliance with safety rules.
  • The above rules are subject to change without notice.

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